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Thomas Grigoleit

Thomas Grigoleit | Co-Founder

Co-founder of Departer Thomas Grigoleit has over two decades of experience in Executive Search and company development.

Prior to developing the Departer brand, Thomas had already built up a successful consultancy with above-average growth and sold it in 2010 as the nucleus for the development of what is now one of Germany’s largest HR service providers. His experience as managing director, partner and advisory board member is testament to his extensive expertise in the HR consulting industry.

Thomas not only has significant experience in Executive Search and company development, but also in-depth knowledge of the private equity environment. This expertise stems from his own experience in the sale of companies and his later role as an advisory board member. Here, he played a key role in the buy-and-build strategy of the HR service provider mentioned above until its successful sale to a strategic investor.

Thomas’ strength lies in the combination of these two core areas – international Executive Search and specialised knowledge in private equity. He understands how to combine the global requirements of companies with the specific challenges and opportunities that private equity-led companies offer. This ability makes him an indispensable advisor for companies operating in an international and dynamic business environment.

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