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Since its foundation, Departer has been supporting companies worldwide in recruiting top-level executives and enhancing their international presence. Our Executive Search solutions enable multinational management teams in the DACH-MEAI-ASIA-ANZ regions to be established.

Norman Sterz
Co Founder & CEO
About Departer

The Know-Who People

Departer has been synonymous with outstanding Executive Search for over two decades, specializing in the recruitment of top leadership talent for mid-sized companies and private equity portfolio firms.

We fill positions with leadership talents to propel your company forward internationally with a particular focus on the markets in DACH, MEAI, ASIA and ANZ.

With the objective of "grow beyond borders", we've strategically positioned ourselves in key regions, providing top-tier solutions. Leveraging experienced consultants with local insights, we specialize in recruiting exceptional leaders for your management team.

20 years of Executive Search solutions
from a single provider

Departer provides global companies with a comprehensive recruiting portfolio with over 20 years of experience in both national and international Executive Search. We foster strong connections and partnerships that result in successful placements within global management teams at the corporate headquarters and the entities abroad.

Grow beyond borders

Departer is dedicated to supporting the success of your business expansion with our comprehensive Executive Search solutions. In-depth knowledge of the DACH region's business environment and the unique market dynamics in each country enables us to pinpoint the top leaders and executives for your company in every region. Our approach ensures alignment with your corporate culture and atmosphere and allows your distinctive growth strategies to be executed effectively at a local level.

Departer Ambassador community –
connecting you to a global network

The Departer Ambassador concept underlines the strength of our approach. Highly efficient network effects are generated for successful candidate engagement through close collaboration with a unique globally connected community of executives.

Forging Strong Relationships for the future

As trusted advisors and strategic partners, we have the honor of collaborating with a wide range of internationally operating companies, institutions and business leaders. Together, we forge success stories.

Thomas Grigoleit
How we work

International Executive
Search, German quality

We approach candidates with the utmost dedication and full commitment to your company while promoting your employer brand on a global scale. This enables us to identify and attract candidates who suit your organization personally, professionally and culturally at a national and international level.

A dedicated point of contact manages all your search mandates and connects you with our team of German-speaking experts in the specified regions.

Kontakt mit Departer
Contact to
Connect with Departer's market experts for your desired region.
Needs Analysis
Conduct a personalized assessment of your unique leadership requirements and gain a comprehensive understanding of our Executive Search process.
Market Expert Consultation
Gain invaluable insight into the executive landscape of your chosen region.
Job Profile Development
Create bespoke job profiles tailored to facilitate a precise and effective direct search for high-caliber leaders.
Candidate Search
Use Departer's expansive networks for agile Executive Search strategies backed by a wealth of resources to pinpoint leadership candidates that perfectly suit your company‘s needs.
Candidate Outreach
Directly engage with both active and passive candidates, evaluate their suitability for the role thoroughly, and draw up a comprehensive long list.
Candidate Evaluation
Conduct a detailed analysis of candidates in relation to your ideal profile. Initiate preliminary interviews with phone, video or in-person interactions. We can also carry out an optional comprehensive candidate assessment.
Candidate Selection
Present a carefully complied shortlist of top-tier candidates chosen for their exceptional qualifications.
Kunden Interview
Client Interviews
We facilitate and coordinate effective interviews with your chosen candidates.
Reference checks
We can also conduct thorough reference checks to validate the qualifications and experience of the candidate.
Contract negotiations
Experienced support during contract negotiations ensures a mutually beneficial agreement is reached.
We oversee a smooth onboarding process, gather customer feedback and consistently refine our methods to deliver the highest quality service.
German Roots

German roots
international focus

Background is a fundamental part of our identity and influences our approach. We understand the DNA of the DACH economy and its values centered on quality, precision and efficiency. These principles guide us in every aspect of our work and enable us to identify and recruit highly skilled executives who share these exact same values.

Human Touch:
Putting People First

We believe that successful companies are led by individuals with vision, competence and the right mindset. This is why we emphasize personal interaction, tailored advice and empathy in our work. Despite the high level of technology and process integration, we always put the human element at the center of what we do.

Vision | Mission | Values


Our vision is to be the leading partner for DACH companies in international Executive Search. Departer recruiting brings people who truly complement each other together worldwide.


Departer has a keen understanding of exactly what our clients and candidates want, what they can do and what they need. We consistently apply our wealth of expertise to finding the optimal solution. Our Executive Search allows clients to succeed in the DACH MEAI ASIA ANZ markets – with expert support from a single provider. We cultivate an exclusive yet dynamic network at Departer to fill executive vacancies and provide optimal assistance for international players looking to expand into and within these regions.


Our values define our actions and form the foundation of our work.

We consider it important at Departer to value and respect everyone - clients, candidates and employees - because ultimately, it is people who lead companies to success.
The pursuit of excellence drives us to consistently exceed our customers' expectations, as reflected in the care we take during the placement process
German quality standards are at the core of what we do, and we strive to embody them in everything we undertake.
The evolving sector in which we work motivates us to continuously optimize processes and technologies to provide our clients with a competitive edge.
We handle sensitive information responsibly to always protect the best interests of our clients and candidates.
Kollaboration & Community-Denken
Collaboration and Community
Transparent collaboration and our global network of the Departer ambassadors shape the future of Executive Search.
Our passion lies in bringing together companies and leaders for exceptional results. We take pride in the success stories of our customers.
Persistence and perseverance are crucial to executive recruitment. We view obstacles as opportunities for growth.
We value individuality, cultural diversity and a unique combination of skills, experiences, and perspectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility
The Departer commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion

Ethical and fair business practices:

Departer upholds integrity and ethics in every business relationship. We set industry standards and strengthen the trust of our partners and clients with responsible business practices and a transparent supply chain.

Diversity and Inclusion:

In today's globalized world, Departer views diversity as a central strength. The company promotes an inclusive culture where everyone, regardless of their background, gender or culture, is valued and respected. This diversity enriches Departer's Executive Search process and contributes to its success.

Employee-Centered HR Policies:

Departer values its employees as its most valuable asset, offering modern work models including remote work and flexible hours. An inclusive work environment, equal opportunities and continuous training and development opportunities are part of our employee support.

International Career Community:

Departer actively supports the development of an international career community. This initiative promotes intercultural collaboration and allows individuals and companies worldwide to benefit from a connected work environment.

Climate and Environmental Protection:

Departer proactively addresses climate change as one of the most pressing challenges of our time. The company actively reduces its environmental footprint and advocates environmental protection across all business areas.
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