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Since 2008, Departer's Dubai Hub is strategically situated at the heart of the MEAI region and serves as the optimal interface for Executive Search.

At Departer we understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the vibrant MEAI region. With over 15 years of experience in Executive Search and a deep understanding of local markets, we are the ideal partner for recruiting top executives in this region.

Our on-the-ground experts possess detailed knowledge of the markets in the Gulf States, the broader MENA region, Africa and India and understand the nuances of international collaboration. Our expertise and connections help you to attract the right leadership and executives for your company.

Our core competence in MEAI

Our experienced consulting team in Dubai and our extensive network enable us to successfully fill key positions with a focus on the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Market Leadership Presence: As the German market leader in regional headhunting in the Middle East and with strong presence in the UAE, Departer successfully fills leadership positions throughout the MEAI region.

Multinational Candidate Portfolio: Our multinational talent pool and connections in the DACH community make us the first choice for Executive Search across the entire region.

Valuable Market Insights: As the official publisher of the AHK and Departer HR and salary reports, we provide insight into salary structures and labor laws in the MEAI region – an essential support for establishing or expanding a company.

Strong Network: Active presence at local events and partnerships with leading institutions, associations and partner companies in adjacent industries.

Departer Management Roundtable in Dubai where MEAI region leaders meet, network and discuss current developments and business trends in the Middle East, Africa and India.

Language and Cultural Competence: Departer's multilingual (including Arabic) German HR consultants have years of regional experience and a deep understanding of local business practices.

Cross-Industry Knowledge: Departer provides cross-industry expertise. Our diverse clientele enables our consultants to effectively fill key positions in various sectors.

Individual Consultation: Departer offers tailored customer consultation with experienced recruiters and consultants based in Germany and the UAE to ensure strategic workforce planning.

German excellence in the MEAI region at Departer

Departer has developed outstanding headhunting quality over two decades by fusing German precision with the local market dynamics of the MEAI region. This unique combination allows us to maintain the high standards of the German economy and also provide locally adapted solutions for optimal results.

A deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the MEAI region enables us to set standards in the Executive Search sector and offer our clients a first-class recruitment experience.

Departer is your reliable partner for German excellence in Executive Search in the MEAI region.

Beyond Recruitment: Departer’s network for business development

With our extensive experience, we have built a close-knit network with stakeholders in other sectors, serving as a multiplier for companies in every aspect of expansion or local business development in MEAI.

We connect businesses with experts including German law firms, experts in company start-ups, contacts to free zones in the United Arab Emirates, etc.

Departer additionally provides an exclusive platform for high-ranking, multinational leaders in the MEAI region with regular management roundtables in Dubai to discuss current developments and trends in the Middle East, Africa and India.

Our longstanding partnerships enable us to provide a unique perspective and excellent resources for your entrepreneurial success.

How we find leadership talent:

Kontakt mit Departer
Contact to
Connect with Departer's market experts for your desired region.
Needs Analysis
Conduct a personalized assessment of your unique leadership requirements and gain a comprehensive understanding of our Executive Search process.
Market Expert Consultation
Gain invaluable insight into the executive landscape of your chosen region.
Job Profile Development
Create bespoke job profiles tailored to facilitate a precise and effective direct search for high-caliber leaders.
Candidate Search
Use Departer's expansive networks for agile Executive Search strategies backed by a wealth of resources to pinpoint leadership candidates that perfectly suit your company‘s needs.
Candidate Outreach
Directly engage with both active and passive candidates, evaluate their suitability for the role thoroughly, and draw up a comprehensive long list.
Candidate Evaluation
Conduct a detailed analysis of candidates in relation to your ideal profile. Initiate preliminary interviews with phone, video or in-person interactions. We can also carry out an optional comprehensive candidate assessment.
Candidate Selection
Present a carefully complied shortlist of top-tier candidates chosen for their exceptional qualifications.
Kunden Interview
Client Interviews
We facilitate and coordinate effective interviews with your chosen candidates.
Reference checks
We can also conduct thorough reference checks to validate the qualifications and experience of the candidate.
Contract negotiations
Experienced support during contract negotiations ensures a mutually beneficial agreement is reached.
We oversee a smooth onboarding process, gather customer feedback and consistently refine our methods to deliver the highest quality service.

HR & Salary Report

Budgeting process - Does your company's salary structure align with market conditions in the United Arab Emirates?

Use the combined local expertise of Departer and the German Chamber of Commerce. The report is specifically tailored to German, Austrian and Swiss companies.

Download the HR and Salary Report 2022/2023 for free here.

Labour Law
for UAE

For further information on labor law in the UAE, we recommend our Labor Law Guide created in collaboration with the renowned law firm Schlüter Graf. This guide offers detailed insights into the labor regulations in the UAE.

Download the guide for free here.

Linguistic and cultural

Strategically positioned at the heart of the MEAI region with regional language and cultural competence

Departer is the market leader in the MEAI region and your partner in effective executive search. Benefit from our market expertise, local presence in the Dubai Hub and a strong network.

Round Table
Dubai Hub

Your guarantee for effective Executive Search in the MEAI region

Departer has established itself as a reliable partner in Executive Search in the MEAI region with the successful placement of leadership and C-suite positions, including CEO, CFO and other management roles. Our extensive experience, combined with a deep understanding of leadership and C-level recruitment, has earned the trust of reputable companies and institutions. We have successfully completed numerous search mandates in MEAI, ranging from managing directors for subsidiaries of global corporations to country managers for the market entry of medium-sized companies.

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