Highly networked expert in both the German and international DACH economy.
Norman Sterz
Co Founder & CEO

Norman Sterz | Co-Founder and CEO

Norman Sterz, Co-Founder and CEO of Departer, has more than two decades of experience in multinational Executive Search. His career has taken him to various countries, including many years in the United Arab Emirates and Australia. The successful establishment of international Departer locations all over the world have made him a highly networked expert in both the German and international DACH economy.

Prior to his time at Departer, Norman Sterz played a key role in the success of a medium-sized recruitment consultancy in Germany, which was subsequently successfully sold to a large German group of companies. He went on to develop and establish the Departer brand with the aim of internationalizing tailor-made executive search solutions for DACH companies.

As an individual with a background strongly influenced by the entrepreneurial qualities of the German Mittelstand, Norman Sterz has built up a global network and is the official foreign representative of the BVMW e.V. for Australia. In this role, he works intensively to promote the interests of German SMEs on the Australian continent.

As CEO, Norman Sterz is passionate about shaping the future development of Executive Search in the digital age. In doing so, he places great emphasis on the expansion and utilization of a global community network, also demonstrated by his commitment to the Departer Ambassador concept. This digitally supported person-to-person strategy and the principles of community engagement has created a vibrant network for modern Executive Search.

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