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Identifying and recruiting qualified executives poses one of the most challenging tasks for DACH companies expanding into Australia and New Zealand. As one of the rare German-speaking Executive Search consultants in the region with extensive on-the-ground experience, Departer understands the market dynamics and can identify the leaders who will drive your company’s success in the region.

Our core competence in ANZ recruitment

A unique combination of local expertise and international reach makes us the ideal link between DACH and ANZ.

Strategic fusion: German Executive Search with German/Australian legal consultation

Years of market experience as a German Executive Search consultancy in Australia and New Zealand

Intercultural competence and in-depth understanding of local nuances in Australia and New Zealand.

A network of top executives in ANZ

Our deep-rooted presence in the region and extensive network grant us access to a talent pool of executives who have excelled in multinational corporations and local Australian companies. Australia is unqiue in blending Western business practices with a strong influence from the Asia-Pacific region. Our comprehensive understanding of these cultural nuances allows us to present candidates who can thrive in this diversity.

Departer – The ‘Know-Who’ People in Australia

Australia's economy is diverse, dynamic and internationally oriented. The continent‘s stable business environment, growing technology sector and strong ties to the Asia-Pacific region offer numerous opportunities. As a specialist in Executive Search in Australia, Departer provides tailored solutions to maximize these opportunities.

We guide you from the conceptual phase of establishing a company to the implementation of local directorship services to ensure optimal market positioning in Australia and New Zealand.

Unveiling your leadership talents:

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Connect with Departer's market experts for your desired region.
Needs Analysis
Conduct a personalized assessment of your unique leadership requirements and gain a comprehensive understanding of our Executive Search process.
Market Expert Consultation
Gain invaluable insight into the executive landscape of your chosen region.
Job Profile Development
Create bespoke job profiles tailored to facilitate a precise and effective direct search for high-caliber leaders.
Candidate Search
Use Departer's expansive networks for agile Executive Search strategies backed by a wealth of resources to pinpoint leadership candidates that perfectly suit your company‘s needs.
Candidate Outreach
Directly engage with both active and passive candidates, evaluate their suitability for the role thoroughly, and draw up a comprehensive long list.
Candidate Evaluation
Conduct a detailed analysis of candidates in relation to your ideal profile. Initiate preliminary interviews with phone, video or in-person interactions. We can also carry out an optional comprehensive candidate assessment.
Candidate Selection
Present a carefully complied shortlist of top-tier candidates chosen for their exceptional qualifications.
Kunden Interview
Client Interviews
We facilitate and coordinate effective interviews with your chosen candidates.
Reference checks
We can also conduct thorough reference checks to validate the qualifications and experience of the candidate.
Contract negotiations
Experienced support during contract negotiations ensures a mutually beneficial agreement is reached.
We oversee a smooth onboarding process, gather customer feedback and consistently refine our methods to deliver the highest quality service.
Market expertise
Strategic combination
of expertise

Strategic fusion for Australia and New Zealand

Benefit from the strategic fusion of German Executive Search expertise and German-Australian legal consultation to establish your company and gain access to local directorship services and more.

Intercultural competence

Your guarantee for outstanding Executive Search in the ANZ region

Departer has established itself as a reliable partner in Executive Search in the ANZ region by successfully filling leadership and C-suite positions, including CEO, CFO and other management roles. Our extensive experience and a firm understanding of leadership and C-level recruitment has earned the trust of reputable companies and institutions.

We have successfully completed numerous search mandates in ANZ, ranging from managing directors for subsidiaries of global corporations to country managers for the market entry of medium-sized companies.

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Regional Manager ANZ

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