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Maik Altendorf
Managing Director at Kanalservice Group Germany
Maik Altendorf Erfolgsgeschichte
Success Story
Maik Altendorf

Success Story Maik Altendorf

A Successful Executive Search by Sabine Higgen of Departer

My name is Maik Altendorf and I am delighted to announce that Sabine Higgen of Departer successfully recruited me as the Managing Director for the Kanalservice Group in Germany during her Executive Search process. The challenge involved identifying a candidate with extensive experience in leading a corporate group, capable of executing the Buy & Build strategy through the integration of portfolio companies into the group structure. Additionally, the selected individual needed to demonstrate the ability to lead and develop the group with full P&L responsibility. A specific focus was placed on fostering synergies among the companies in the southwest German region. Utilizing my substantial leadership expertise and technical proficiency, I successfully aligned with and fulfilled these specified criteria.

Sabine Higgen und Maik Altendorf

Sabine Higgen and Maik Altendorf

The Key Players on the Path to the Management of the Kanalservice Group Germany

Mrs. Higgen utilized her extensive network of candidates across Germany to directly approach me. She conducted in-depth conversations to assess whether I was the right executive to lead and advance the Kanalservice Group Germany. A key focus was evaluating the competence required to lead effectively across the diverse portfolio of companies. Throughout the entire process, Mrs. Higgen and the Departer team provided excellent communication and guidance, and I always felt in capable hands. Thanks to Mrs. Higgen and Departer’s expertise in Executive Search, I am now leading the business operations of the Kanalservice Group in Stutensee, comprising its current nine subsidiaries. I am confident that we will continue to strengthen the company under my leadership. The process was seamless and I am grateful to Departer for their support and guidance.

Unparalleled Professionalism and Expertise in Executive Search – A Strong Recommendation for Successful Talent Acquisition

I would highly recommend Departer to any company in search of executive search solutions. Their professionalism, expertise and dedication to their clients are unparalleled and they truly commit to identifying and hiring the best-suited candidate for the job. I want to express my gratitude for the successful process we went through together.

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