Dr.-Ing. Uwe Minkus' path to Departer

Placement through Departer - the Know-Who People - as successor to the Managing Director at TLV Euro Engineering.

The success story of Uwe Minkus: From managing director to Departer Ambassador and sought-after industry expert.

Uwe Minkus' professional career and his position of Managing Director at TLV Euro Engineering, initiated by the recruitment agency Departer, have been characterized by continuous development. Today, the qualified engineer uses his extensive knowledge as an industry expert in the Departer Ambassadors network to advise and support companies in strategic HR issues.

Departer Ambassador - Industry, after a successful career as Managing Director

As a Departer Ambassador - Industry, Uwe Minkus brings an impressive range of expertise and experience to advising companies and executives. His more than 25 years in management positions, particularly as a managing director in medium-sized mechanical engineering companies, give him a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this sector.
Dr.-Ing. Uwe Minkus
Former Managing Director at TLV Euro Engineering

Dr.-Ing. Uwe Minkus' path to Departer

The success story of Dr.-Ing. Uwe Minkus: From Managing Director to Department Ambassador and sought-after industry expert.

Challenge: Seeking the ideal executive capable of representing a mid-sized Japanese company in the European market.

Departer sought a managing director as part of a succession plan to take sole responsibility for the management of the European sales and service activities for TLV Inc., a family-run, medium-sized company from Japan. TLV is a global leader in steam and condensate technology. Two subsidiaries and a large dealer network are managed from headquarters in Heidelberg under the umbrella of TLV Euro Engineering GmbH. The ideal candidate needed to possess a strong technical understanding of the market segment and management skills in leading an international sales organization in a B2B environment. A strong affinity for Japanese culture was desirable.

Solution: Strategic headhunting

My interview process with Departer for successful managing director succession

Departer and I came into contact through a personal direct approach at the beginning of 2013.  The requirements and profiles of the candidates were managed by the executive research team in a professional and efficient headhunting process. Coordination with the owner family in Japan was a particular challenge. In the final personal interviews led by Norman Sterz, I was able to assert my expertise in a field of good applicants.

Results: Successful succession - continuity and expansion at TLV Europe

I have been able to continue the success story of my predecessor at TLV in Europe for over a decade. New business areas were expanded or developed, and the international sales network strengthened to ensure sustainable growth. Profitability was also maintained at a high level with a wide range of investments, including those made within the organization. I turned again to Departer after my own positive experience with them as a candidate to successfully fill other vacant key positions in the company.

Departer Ambassador Network:
Expertise and consulting for industrial clients

My mission as Departer Ambassador: Adding value as a headhunter with industry expertise.

My many years of experience as sole Managing Director at TLV allows me to contribute my expertise in executive search for medium-sized companies as a consultant and industry manager. Departer's Ambassador Network offers a unique addition to executive search. It is an active community that goes far beyond traditional headhunting and enables companies to benefit from extensive expertise based on real industry experience. Thanks to my experience in senior positions in industrial companies, I bring extensive practical experience to the table. I am available as a sparring partner in the consultation process and am able to by analyzing potential candidates and providing strategic advice and support for the first steps of new managers.

This unique cooperation between Departer and Uwe Minkus is an impressive demonstration of how a combination of experience and expertise can help to promote long-term and valuable relationships in the industrial environment and lead to tailor-made solutions for industrial customers.

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