Thanks to Departer's expertise and dedication, I have found the perfect fit for my career growth.

Chadi Romeih
General Manager Middle East
Chadi Romeih

A Successful Executive Search by Lena Awad, Senior HR Consultant at Departer MEAI

I am Chadi Romeih, and I gladly share my journey to becoming the General Manager for the Middle East region in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at ARI Armaturen. This achievement owes much to Lena Awad and Departer. The challenge was to find someone who could adeptly navigate the Middle Eastern market while bringing the technical know-how, cultural fit & sensitivity and personality essential for success. Lena’s expertise in talent scouting and her understanding of the job’s unique demands ensured a perfect match.

Lena Awad and Chadi Romeih: A Partnership for Success

Lena reached out to me directly, recognizing the value of my multicultural background, fluent command of Arabic, German and English, and exemplary leadership skills. Through extensive discussions, she assessed not only my qualifications but also how well I would fit into ARI Armaturen’s culture and vision. Throughout the process, Lena and the Departer team provided the perfect support, keeping me informed and on track. Thanks to their approach, I am now leading ARI Armaturen’s operations in the Middle East, driving growth and expansion in the region. My appointment marked a crucial moment for ARI Armaturen as the company sought to expand its presence and establish itself as a leader in valve solutions across the Middle East.

Recommendation: Departer’s Top-Notch Executive Search Solutions

I confidently recommend Departer to any company in need of Executive Search solutions. Their professionalism and expertise make them stand out in the market.

Working with Departer was a game-changer in my career journey. From my initial contact with Lena Awad to securing the role of General Manager at ARI Armaturen, their professionalism and personalized approach stood out. Their transparency and attention to detail assured me that this was more than just another job opportunity – it was a chance to make a significant impact and contribute to the growth of a renowned company.

Departer understood my aspirations and strengths, seamlessly aligning them with the opportunity at ARI Armaturen. Throughout the entire process, Departer acted as a trusted advisor, guiding me through each stage with clarity and support. From providing valuable insights about the company culture and expectations to facilitating communication with key stakeholders, they ensured that I was well-prepared and informed every step of the way.

Thanks to Departer’s expertise and dedication, I have found the perfect fit for my career growth. I highly recommend Departer to professionals seeking new opportunities or companies in search of top talent.

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